Registration Guide

Booth Price
Category Price Note
 TFS Tent  Shell scheme  9m2 (3*3*2.4)  $1,500  1 name board
 1 desk
 1 table
 4 chair
 electricity(220V, 1KW)
 Space only  9m2 (3*3)  $1,500  At least 6 booths(54m2) must be purchased.
 Marquee Tent  25m2(5*5*4)  $1,800  1 name board
 1 table
 4 chair
 electricity(220V, 1KW)

Additional Facilities(Electricity) Fee
Description Unit Price Content
 Eletricity  Daytime  220V
 single phase
 three phase

Page Price
 Inside front cover page  US$ 1,500/page
 Inside back cover page  US$ 1,500/page
 Outside back cover page  US$ 2,000/page
 Whole page elsewhere  US$ 1,200/page

- This advertisement will be published in the official directory of KIEMSTA 2018.
- Insertion of advertisement is authorized by KAMICO.
- Deadline : not available at this time

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